About Us

We have started our journey in 2012 to facilitate our customers’ lives and to offer many opportunities that would enrich your lives. Over time, we have developed ourselves and have succeeded in becoming a respectable, reliable and global company in the petrochemical sector, after increasing our resources and enhancing our product range. We combine technological developments with our experience in plastic raw materials sector and we produce expert solutions for fulfilling all needs of our customers.

Developing its presence in the domestic market with the international trade network, our company succeeded to become a valuable company that produces quality services, thanks to the support of our strategic business partners. We are developing our efforts accordingly by targeting sustainable growth with our deep-rooted experience and dynamic service structure. The petrochemical sector, which is providing inputs to the other sectors, is a leading sector with the function it ensures.

Eymen Petrokimya, as one of Turkey’s best companies, is one of the leading actors of the plastic raw material sector. Taking into consideration the development targets in our country, we can state that the petrochemical industry holds a perfect development potential. Accordingly, we are offering you our products with high added value thanks to the investments we are carrying out in accordance with our plans. In line with our main principle of customer satisfaction, we are developing our services in accordance with the mission and vision that we have determined. By following advanced technological developments, we continuously improve both our team and our services.

Thanks to the services that we offer for protecting the environment and facilitating your life, we are producing the plastic products at the most affordable prices. You can take advantage of our privileged services by calling us at any time you need. Founded in 2012, EYMEN PETROKİMYA aims to respond to future needs by closely following the global market and by combining this knowledge and experience in the plastic raw material sector. By guaranteeing its corporate reputation with the customer satisfaction, our company continuously improves its product range and we aim to offer the best quality products and services to our customers.

EYMEN PETROKİMYA is a leading company with its employees and corporate values. The primary responsibility of EYMEN PETROCHEMISTRY is to create value for all its stakeholders by acting in accordance with its vision and mission and to create a respectful and excellent corporate culture with its activities and principles. Commitment, honesty, and transparency, customer satisfaction, globalization, and contribution to the society constitute the driving forces of our company’s core values and corporate strategy.

The major products supplied by EYMEN PETROKİMYA; EPS – Expanded Polystyrene PPH – Injection PP – Polypropylene PVC – Polyvinyl Clorure PET – Polyethylene Teraftalate LDPE – Low Density Polyethylene LLDPE – Linear Low Density Polyethylene HDPE – High Density Polyethylene E PVC – Emulsion Polyvinyl Clorure CPE – Chlorinated Polyethylene